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We aim to increase the confidence, fulfilment & ambition of young people in East Ayrshire, fostering aspiration to positive destinations in education, training and ultimately employment.

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To provide a safe, warm environment where young people can participate in a wide range of recreational and educational activities which contribute to their social, educational and emotional development.

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Vacancies at yipworld are advertised on Indeed; if you have any questions just drop us an email or phone in. 

We also run various forms of employability support on a continual basis. 

yipworld's qualified careers advisor is available for advice and support in finding the right job for you throughout the week. For an appointment, email garmstrong@yipworld.org or call 01290422364.

Please email garmstrong@yipworld.org for further details.


It’s a competitive world when searching for employment. You have to stand out from the crowd; promote yourself to the highest standard and that begins before the interview.  Having a high quality curriculum vitae that has an employer impressed starts right here at yipworld.  We will arrange a dedicated time for you to speak to our employment officers; discuss your career path; design a C.V. that is individual to your needs and captures the qualities; skills; qualifications and personal statement that has a potential employer sitting your C.V. to the side for further perusal because it is so impressive!!

When sourcing employment and looking at advertisements for jobs there are a number of opportunities with ‘zero hours contract’ or 12 hours per week. Please do not be disheartened by this as often the job will offer at least 24 to 35 hours per week. The employer is using an opportunity to be able to employ people to suit the demands of their orders and if you are a good worker then the chances are that you may have a good grounding for longer term employment.

Young People leaving school

Along with Skills Development Scotland and local authority assistance, yipworld can provide a bespoke package of support to individual young people leaving school either at winter or summer periods. Young people that have qualifications and are waiting to attend University also may need to think about employment during the summer period to tide them over, help them with additional costs of going to College or University and of course to have that all important social time with friends and family.

For young people that have limited qualifications there are a number of support mechanisms in place to make sure that you receive the right support. The best plan is to speak with your Skills Development Scotland key worker and/or transitional support worker in school. Each secondary school has dedicated teams to support young people including Guidance staff to make sure that the transition from school to training/further education/employment is as smooth as possible, but equally important that you are prepared for the big wide working world. We can offer qualifications and awards in Employability; Steps to Work; Leadership and our very own Inspiring Scotland 14:19 programme.

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