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We aim to increase the confidence, fulfilment & ambition of young people in East Ayrshire, fostering aspiration to positive destinations in education, training and ultimately employment.

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To provide a safe, warm environment where young people can participate in a wide range of recreational and educational activities which contribute to their social, educational and emotional development.

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Student Exchange

Visit Scotland!

Visit Scotland and work with yipworld! The age limit is 18 years plus - there is no cap on age as we want to meet, work and share our skills and knowledge with people across the world. For more information, contact info@yipworld.org


Current Exchange Programmes

yipworld's partnership with the Cooperative University in Baden Wurttemberg in Stuttgart allows us to host students for a three month placement in Cumnock.

Students are given the opportunity to work across the range of services that yipworld offers throughout Ayrshire as well as participating in social and cultural events that showcase some of Scotland and Ayrshire's most unique and exciting heritage.


Work Abroad with Erasmus+


yipworld is a Eurodesk UK partner which means that we are an information point for Scotland within a Europe-wide network, providing information to young people both in Scotland and across the continent who are interested in visiting and working here or in another country.

As part of the Eurodesk Network which is funded by Erasmus+, we will endeavour to help facilitate any young people who are looking to volunteer or work for a placement period in another country. Drop-in through the week to find out more!

For more information, email garmstrong@yipworld.org or info@yipworld .org

Are you under 30 with a thirst for travel?


Interested in coming to the UK to work, study or volunteer? 




Erasmus+ is celebrating 30 years of mobilising young people!

Find out more: https://www.eurodesk.org.uk/


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Why come to yipworld on exchange?

We have so much to offer - if you are a student studying social work or community work then a work experience or student placement is ideal for you. You will learn so many different aspects of the work from childcare and youth work through to employability; work in schools and specialist work with children and young people that live very difficult lives. This learning experience will contribute to your portfolio of education and contribute to your curriculum vitae when it is time for you to seek employment.

Get in touch: - email info@yipworld.org for further information or direct to jhendry@yipworld.org - Janice Hendry, Development Director


We have an excellent partnership with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Stuttgart, Germany. To date we have hosted seven students each living and working for three month periods as part of their exchange placement. We are delighted that we have this partnership as this has contributed to the skills of our staff and also provided them with the opportunity to learn about German life and work culture. 

See dhbw-stuttgart.de/service/english/about-us.html for further information

Jennifer Becker

Student placement October to December 2013

Jennifer Becker
Internship - Scotland
Exams, move back from Stuttgart to Reutlingen, pack my bags, say goodbye to friends and family and then off to the airport - these were my last 72 hours in Germany. ‘A lot of stress – will it be worth it?’, I asked myself. On the way from Glasgow airport to my accommodation - Ardwell Bed and Breakfast (a small Bed & Breakfast in Mauchline) - which was quite exciting because I had to take the train and buses and I didn’t really know where to go - I already noticed: ‘Yes, it was worth the trouble!’ I was not only impressed by the helpfulness but also by the kindness of the Scottish people.
The next day I went to my new working place: Yipworld. The following three months I ought to be part of different programs. Whilst my time here in Scotland I attended the Senior Drop-In for children aged 12-18, the D-Zone for children aged 4-12 and the Inspiring Scotland program. D-Zone and Drop-In are comparable to German youth work in youth centres. The Inspiring Scotland program takes place in schools for children who, for instance, have problems with school or are involved in bullying. The program offers different workshops with topics like drugs, child rights, equality and diversity etc. During these workshops, I was able to compare it to German social work at school. Generally I gained a good insight in differences and similarities of German and Scottish youth work. Furthermore I realised how multifaceted Yipworld is. Besides the programs I was involved in, there were other activities taking place. For instance support in job hunting or the Recording Studio which offers local bands the opportunity to record their songs professionally. Another advantage is that Yipworld employs people with various qualifications and capabilities (IT, Art, Music,…) who get involved in the programs. I think that is really good for the children to gain as much positive and as much different experiences as possible. It was also possible for me to bring in my knowledge and my abilities. I arranged a little two-week program with different German activities. I organized German food like Lebkuchen, Bratwürste and Brezeln which the children really liked. We also made some German Christmas cookies and celebrated Nikolaus Day. It was lovely to see the children enjoying the different activities and to answer all their questions about German culture and German Christmas. A highlight was the youth exchange. Young people from Poland and Cyprus visited Scotland for one week in October. During this week we learned a lot about other cultures, did teambuilding activities, went to Edinburgh and played our own Commonwealth Games. It was great fun and all participants visibly enjoyed it.
But also outside my working time many opportunities were offered to me and my colleagues were always keen to keep me busy. One colleague invited me to her graduation, Janice (my supervisor) took me to a trip to Edinburgh and with two other girls I visited the Burns Museum close to Ayr. Another highlight was the Christmas Party on 14th December where I got invited to on my second working day. It was an absolutely fantastic night: Delicious dinner, crazy dances, a lot of laughter and of course we had great fun.
The remaining time I went to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. I got lost on my walk to Dumfries House (a nice tee house among a beautiful landscape) but fortunately found my way back, I went to Ayr and Kilmarnock a few times and to some of the garden centers for a cup of coffee or tea.
All in all it was a great experience and I’m really glad that I decided to go abroad, to be more precisely: I’m glad that I decided to work at Yipworld. I could increase my English skills and my knowledge of Scottish culture and of course I learned more about different ways of social work. I’m sure that I will transfer some of the Scottish methods to my work in Germany. I always felt as a part of the team and the staff was really bothered to involve me and to make me feel comfortable. It’s up to you now. Do you want to be included in a great team? Are you interested in Scottish culture? Do you want to learn more about social work in other countries? And do you want to have a great time? Can you answer these questions with a ‘Yes’? It’s your turn to go to Yipworld then.
Cheers for a wonderful time!

Janine Peters

Student placement October to December 2017

Janine Peters
I came to Scotland for my work experience in Social Work, which is the name of the course I’m studying in Germany. The course is what’s called a dual vocational training system, which means I’m spending 3 months of a term working in a nursery in Germany and then I’m in university for 3 months. So it’s a varied course of studies and takes 3 years until you get a degree in social work called “Bachelor of Arts in Social Work”.
For my 2nd year, I had to do an internship in another company with different clients. The DHBW Stuttgart has a cooperation with yipworld, so they had previous students from Germany before. I applied for a placement at yipworld, and I got it.
I started working here during the first week in October, and I was part of different programmes that yipworld offers. First I got introduced to all staff members, and this was a good start for me- everyone was really nice and welcomed me to yipworld, and it was great to hear that they were all looking forward to working with me for the next 3 months.
The first two weeks I came along with the most of the staff to the different youth groups, visited the schools yipworld is working with and helped in the After School Club. I also had the pleasure to meet Sean Batty from the STV Children’s Appeal. In my third week, I was asked if I want to plan something for the After School Club in Catrine, so I came up with the idea to teach them handball, because that’s the sport which I have playing in Germany since I was young. The kids in Catrine were really interested in learning a new sport and did very well. I also played handball with the After School Club in yipworld and with the 12-15 years old boys and girls in Senior Drop In. Some of the kids and teenagers were interested in playing handball and asked me about tricks too.
When Halloween came closer, I planned some Halloween arts and crafts, which all the children loved. After Halloween, the next event I was part of was the Cumnock Christmas Festival, where I helped with wrapping up the presents and sorting them into different age groups for Santa Claus. During the Festival I had responsibility of the ‘fun photo booth’, where I helped taking photographs and doing some amazing face painting designs.

Beside my work with the young children, I also worked with the ‘Grafters’. ‘Grafters’ is a programme designed by Programme Managers of yipworld for unemployed young people referred from the Jobcentre. The programme encourages participation of both practical and theoretical learning. The accredited programme workbook is called ‘Playback ICE’. In addition to the workshops, we accompanied them to Edinburgh “Dynamic Earth”; BBC Studios in Glasgow and Trump Turnberry hotel in Girvan. The concept of visits is to increase their knowledge of the choices they have on the job market. I enjoyed coming along with this group, because it was also a chance for me to see parts of Scotland. With the ‘Grafters’ I also cooked some German ‘Bratwurst’, because they were asking me about German food. They enjoyed trying something new and said they will cook it again for their families.
yipworld was a valuable organisation both for my work experience and on a social level. I went out in Glasgow, Ayr and Cumnock a few times. With Janice Hendry I also had a walk to the beautiful Dumfries House. During Halloween, I went to a ‘Haunted Forest’ with my colleagues. We always had good fun together and I can say I made good friends here. On my last weekend, we had the Christmas Night Out, which was great as because in Germany our Christmas dinner from work is completely different. That showed me again, how different countries and their cultures are.
At the beginning, it was difficult for me to understand the Scottish dialect, but after three or four weeks I got used to that too and I’ve also learned some Scottish words. I had a great time here and I will definitely come back!!
On behalf of all of us at yipworld, thankyou Janine for your time with us. We hope that you’ve enjoyed being here as much as we’ve enjoyed having you here. Stay in touch!
“One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

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