Cumnock Business Association

The Cumnock Business Association is a representation of local businesses that meet to share information, skills and knowledge and raise the profile of Cumnock.

This is also an excellent opportunity for you to network and ultimately generate more business for your company.

This is open to Cumnock and surrounding community employers and this is an excellent opportunity to make your company be seen!


For further information, email


Opening Times

The group meet once every month on a Thursday morning, with the date being confirmed at the previous meeting.

7:45am - 8:45am


Subscription fees are £60.00 per annum.

If you have any questions, please contact us on: 01290 422364.

Come along and join in the fun!

Feedback from our members....

"Curtainwise were invited to an informal workshop to look at how we could form an encouraging employment program with Yipworld.
It has always been the philosophy of Curtainwise to employ wisely and use the wealth of sewing experience in the area. This is no longer the case and with the pot of experience slowly drying up it was apparent that we had to look to our younger generation to take the future of the business to a new level.
By using the knowledge of Yipworld and their resources for youngsters ready for employment it made our job easy. Everything was sorted without any hitch from cv’s being supplied, interview appointments made and assistance with interview techniques and questions.
We have now successfully started one employee and are looking to further this in the near future.
Yipworld have definitely changed our direction for employment and with their vast array of contacts we hope to grow the next generation of Curtainwise." William , Curtainwise 02/09/2014

The Business Association

We’ve deliberately called ourselves a business association rather than a retailers group because we recognise that so many other non-retail businesses are a vital part of town centre life. It’s been an eye opener to realise that there are over 160 businesses based in Cumnock, and it’s amazing even to someone like me who’s Cumnock born and bred, to realise the huge diversity of companies on our own doorstop. We’ve already had an enthusiastic core of members join us, but we’re hoping many more will come along. There’s strength in numbers, the one thing that sticks out when we talk to each other is that we’re all passionate about the town and our customers and there are new businesses opening in Cumnock all the time as people realise it's time we that if there's a gap in the market it's up to us to fill it. Together we can work with partner agencies such as East Ayrshire Council and Dumfries House to ensure we make the most of every opportunity open to our town.”

Marion Gilliland, Chairperson