Inspiring Scotland (pre 16 school pupils)

yipworld's Inspiring Scotland 14:19 Fund programme is an alternative curriculum for school pupils. We deliver classes and workshops to primary and secondary school pupils throughout North, East and South Ayrshire that complement every section of the curriculum for excellence to ensure that each young person is provided with a programme of learning to suit their capabilities and challenge them to the next level.

Inspiring Scotland Funders are based in Edinburgh and have a portfolio of 22 Ventures working across Scotland delivering a wide range of programmes to young people aged 14 to 19 years hence the name 14:19 Fund. yipworld is proud to be a Venture within the portfolio and regularly praise the team for their continual support and advice.




Preparation for Employment
Independent Living
Life Skills
Managing Your Money
Confidence and Self-Esteem
Health and Wellbeing
Music and Media
Art Therapy
Youth Work
and many more...

If you have any questions, please contact us on: 01290 422364.

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